Exploring the role of partnerships in the success of social innovation initiatives and enterprises in the face of impending social pressures in the Maritimes.

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Although it is relatively new to the region, there is a fast-growing interest in the concept and role of social innovation in the Maritimes. Social innovation, and innovation in general, is an inherently social activity. Though there are different incentives and motives, given the theoretical benefits of collaborative partnerships, there should be a natural inclination for stakeholders to want to work together.

Similarly to how early economists like Joseph Schumpeter took interest in the topic of entrepreneurship as a means to an end of innovation, thereby the focus on social enterprises in this report comes from the assumption that social entrepreneurship is the means to an end of social innovation.

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Social enterprises have the potential to provide relief for various social issues on top of stimulating local economies in similar ways to traditional entrepreneurial ventures. Social innovation is booming, and it’s time to act on it. The Maritimes demonstrate a unique entrepreneurial spirit characterized by a can-do attitude and community- driven values. Increasing the rate of collaborative partnerships between governments and social enterprises, has the potential to benefit multiple stakeholders in the region.

This report targets social entrepreneurs, governments, and other individuals or organizations looking to increase the profile and role of social innovation in the Maritimes. Offering a framework to improve their relationship building.