In the year 2045, what does the future of food look like? Exploring the topic with a thematic focus on mealtime and an underlying focus on food sustainability.

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La Bouffe + is the culmination of four months worth of project work in two graduate courses in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program at OCAD University: Strategy Development and Foresight Studio. As foreshadowed by the title of this publication, it provides a window into the future of food, with a thematic focus on the future of mealtime, and an underlying focus on the future of food waste.

Our exploration began with the capturing of signals of change across various sectors that might impact the domain of food waste. As signals amplified one another and patterns appeared, we identified emerging trends and mapped out their direct and indirect impacts on future worlds.

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Given the common challenge of grounding foresight projects in current realities, we wanted part of our exploration to take the perspective of an organization currently operating within the food space. Curious about the burgeoning meal-kit industry, we chose an industry leader, Blue Apron, to be our case study. Our trend-finding exercises helped inform our understanding of the meal-kit space and articulate Blue Apron’s current strategy, while our scenario generation process and development of possible futures supported the creation of Blue Apron’s new innovation strategy.

The key trends identified in this foresight dossier hold strategic value and importance for actors across multiple food related industries, including the grocery, meal-kit, hospitality, and food delivery industries.